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ITSM and Statement of Work

With the aim of IT service management being to serve the business or the organisation funding the IT, it’s crucial that business requirements drive ITSM projects and procurement.

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Santa Clause and Cyber Crime

Does Father Christmas know just how exposed his operation is? With one of the largest address books ever conceived (names, addresses, gift preferences of billions of people) and a seasonal workforce of elves that may or may not have been vetted before hiring, Santa’s gift selection, preparation and delivery system may be hugely at risk.

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Business Continuity for Machines? Just a Sec, I’ll Print You Some

You may find this blog article mind-expanding – especially if your natural reaction is to think about its title in two dimensions, rather than three. To set things straight, we’re not talking about paper printouts of business continuity plans that by definition are out of date the moment they are distributed.

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