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Business Continuity by Working Backwards

Ever since marketing figured out that companies could do better by asking customers what they wanted, rather than just trying to tell them, businesses have moved massively to the notion of working backwards from the customer.

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Asset Management

IT Asset Management of Grey Matter

If you’ve already moved all your systems and applications to the cloud, you may feel there is little left for you to manage other than your organisation’s data and your IT department’s skillsets.

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IT Security and Strange Mobile App Permissions

If you have already installed mobile apps on your smartphone to go beyond the stock selection provided with the device, you may well have noticed how a mobile app asks for permission to access certain resources or take certain actions.

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Business Continuity and the Knock-On Blackouts

Power blackouts in business can range from a minor inconvenience to a major threat. Diggers slicing through power cables, extreme weather conditions bringing down power lines, or other local failures can all interrupt the supply of electricity.

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business continuity hacks

The Other Face of the Business Continuity Hacks

There are hacks and there are business continuity hacks. Some hacks are bad news, especially when they target IT security and jeopardize business continuity, but others – the other kind of hack – could save the day in certain circumstances.

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Business Continuity

The Business Continuity Manager and the Typewriter

A well-known IT security solution vendor recently published a white paper about planning for business continuity, and listed typewriters as examples of equipment that should be safeguarded to prevent interruptions to an enterprise’s activities.

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Data Lake Hacking is the New Dumpster Diving

When computers ran on punched cards and information was stored and communicated using paper, suspicious individuals could sometimes be seen loitering close to the large rubbish bins or dumpsters used for corporate refuse.

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2016 Business Continuity Review

Our 2016 Business Continuity Review – From National Resilience to Toasters (and Back)

It’s always an editorial dilemma – Do we start with the event with the biggest business continuity impact? The event that was the most unbelievable? For the 2016 Business Continuity Review, we have some difficult choices, including the massive cyberattack of the toasters, the most powerful man in the world (soon) trying to carve up the Internet, and a smartphone threatening the health of a national economy.

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Service Management

IT Service Management and Digital Transformation

Speaking of these two items in the same breath might seem incongruous. After all, what does IT service management looking after daily operations (mundane) have to do with the digital transformation of an organisation (visionary)?

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