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Managed Continuity Service

Implementing a comprehensive business resilience program takes a lot of effort and resources. However daunting these costs may seem, they are greatly outweighed by the operational, reputational, legal, comliance and financial repercussions an organisation faces if a business disruption incidents occur. Outsourcing your business resilience to a business continuity managed services company therefore makes sense.

Consulting Services

Our hierarchy of business resilience solutions provide every option you could need: Quick Start Services, Consulting Services, Business Continuity Software, Training, Exercising and ongoing. Managed Services. Our standards-based approach focuses on practical, pragmatic solutions that help you respond to operational incidents, not documents that purely fulfill an audit or compliance requirement but are impractical in the heat of a disasterous incident.

Our Business Philosophy

  1. At OpsCentre our passionate team of business continuity experts build tailored business continuity solutions for corporate and government clients so they can sleep peacefully at night, knowing no matter what disaster strikes, their business continues to run under all circumstances.
  2. Our reliable and practical business continuity and IT disaster recovery plans cover every type of critical incident, whether small or large.
  3. We create, test and then train to ensure our solutions with minimal impact on our clients’ time and resources, with delivery guaranteed; on time and budget.
  4. Our ongoing managed-service ensures that our clients’ continuity processes, plans and infrastructure are always up to date and ready for use, whenever they are needed.

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