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Business Continuity and Business Transformation

Can these two items coexist? Business continuity is about keeping things going, whereas business transformation is often about breaking things (figuratively, if not literally) to get out of a rut and into a new, more competitive mode of business.

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Ethics IT

Ethics and Your IT Sourcing Strategy

IT servers, enterprise applications, data centres and cloud services might seem world away from other sectors traditionally attracting attention in terms of a ethical sourcing strategy.

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IT Service Management Business Partner

IT Service Management as a Business Partner

Now and again, we hear rumblings about IT governance and how synergy must be developed between IT and the rest of the organisation to work in harmony as a “business partner”. The principles are praiseworthy.

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Asset Hoarding

IT Asset Management and Hardware Hoarders

You’d be surprised at the emotional bonding that can go on between users and their IT hardware devices but there’s a difference between managing your asset appropriately and actually collecting a heap of junk hardware you’ll never use.

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Technical Debt

IT Risk Management and Technical Debt

When you shove things higgledy-piggledy into your desk drawer, just to clear space in your workspace, you have a quick solution, you also have a dirty solution, because trying to find the key to your filing cabinet will take you ages afterwards, and Yes, you’ve just experienced technical debt, first hand!

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ITSM Employee Engagement

IT Service Management and Employee Engagement

Does talking about these items in the same breath seem incongruous to you? After all, IT service management is typically viewed as technology at the service of an enterprise and its end-users, helping productivity, rather than being linked directly with motivation.

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Uberisation and Business Continuity

So much of business is being scrutinized through the lens of uberisation that it would be an omission (and possibly a dangerous one) to neglect a quick squint at business continuity.

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IT Risk Management 1

Adjusting Your IT Risk Management Language for Your Business Colleagues

Sure, as a CIO or IT manager, you know what IT risk management is. It’s all about applying risk management principles to IT, including the adoption, ownership, operation and influence of IT within the larger context of the enterprise but in terms of risk management language, are these principles communicated properly across the organisation?

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