In these post-COVID turbulent and unpredictable times, Operational Resilience and Business Continuity are now an organisations most valuable asset.

We build resilience strategies and frameworks to assess, prioritise and monitor risks, develop policies and plans to respond to Emergencies, Crisis, Business Continuity and IT Disasters and facilitate Training, Testing and Exercising programs that build muscle-memory; after all, a plan is a tool for trained staff.  Finally, we provide a range of Audt, Governance, Compliance and Regulatory Solutions.

As well as responding to traditional incidents such as extreme weather events, floods, fires and IT outages, our focus is increasingly on emerging risks: cyber attacks, vendor and third-party failures and highly volatile pandemics.

An Information and Cyber Security Management System isn’t solely an issue for technical teams; responsibility starts with the Board and  Executive Team and extends through every area of today’s business environments.

At the outset, it is essential to understand your Cyber Security Posture and Cyber and Information Risks.

We focus equally on business response, as much as IT response, to cyber incidents.  By all means, let the technologist work on restoring applications and infrastructure, but don’t leave  critical business decisions in their hands.

We implement and manage a portfolio of cyber-security solutions and services based on international or industry standards such as ISO, NIST, APRA, NSW Government DISP, PSPF/ISM and AEMO’s AESCSF as well as Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning solutions.

With IT Services and Solutions at the foundation of OpsCentre’s business, our portfolio includes: IT Strategic Planning, Technology Refresh Strategies, Solution Design, IT Service Management/ITIL, IT Operations Reviews and Assessments, IT and Cloud Risk Assessments, Functional and Technical Requirements Analysis, IT Sourcing Strategies and IT Policy, Process and Procedure development and auditing.

We assist with the selection and  implementation of systems, applications and IT solutions for our clients, whether that be for Cloud or Hosting Services, LAN/WAN Data Communications Networks, Information and Cyber Security Solutions or Applications and Systems.

Our Data & information Management Solutions combine governance, regulatory, operational and technical aspects needed to manage and protect your data and information assets, enabling you to leverage their value via customer insights, analysis and business intelligence.

We focus on Data Management Strategy, Documentation of Data Strategies, Data Value assessment, Data Quality, Compliance, Backup, Retention and Archiving and Maturity Assessments and Training.  We also assess platforms, systems and tools to support Data Management.


Services to Fit Your Needs, Precisely

Our goal is to remain at the forefront of advances in methods, processes and technology and we therefore offer a range of engagement models that include:

  • Health Check – Assessing solutions against your business requirements, industry regulations and compliance and local and international standards
  • Quick Start – Fast, fixed price services, ideally suited to small to medium enterprises
  • Consulting – For enterprises with unique needs across the business lifecycle
  • Testing & Exercising – To ensure our solutions are embedded within your organisation
  • Mentoring – Guidance and knowledge transfer from us to your teams
  • Managed Service – A range of virtual services offerings to keep things up to date

Let us help you

Initial discussions are free of charge. They often provide insights and value far greater than you could have imagined.