The importance of Network Security in Disaster Recovery Planning

There is no question that technology today forms the core of business. In their role of facilitating transactions and storing sensitive data—the data of both the staff of the company and the stored data of the clients—the systems and networks of companies are increasingly under siege. This makes data both the most precious asset to […]

Five Strategies to Prevent a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are becoming a trending and serious issue when it comes to Cyber Security across many industries in particular the banking and financial sectors. In a DDoS attack Botnets (usually referred to as a “Zombie army”) bombards a server or a network with thousands of system requests sent from infected […]

Upcoming DRII Business Continuity Planning Courses

We are pleased to announce dates for two upcoming DRII courses which OpsCentre is delivering as the Australian affiliate of DRI International. BCLE-2000 Business Continuity Planning This 4.5 day course covers the 10 professional practices for Business Continuity Planning professionals and also the qualifying exam for the CBCP Certified Business Continuity Professional qualification. SYDNEY Monday […]

Getting real with CBCP – Certified Business Continuity Professional

The real power of information is when it’s applied. When theory turns into practice, or to use another expression, where the rubber meets the road. Business continuity is no exception. An organisation looking for someone with the right capabilities for a business continuity management role will want two things: in-depth understanding of the principles of […]