Getting real with CBCP – Certified Business Continuity Professional

The real power of information is when it’s applied. When theory turns into practice, or to use another expression, where the rubber meets the road. Business continuity is no exception. An organisation looking for someone with the right capabilities for a business continuity management role will want two things: in-depth understanding of the principles of BC and the trends in the industry; and demonstrable experience. However, whereas you can show how much you understand by answering questions or taking exams, how can you prove that you’re also a seasoned professional who has the practice as well as the theory under control?

That’s where the CBCP comes in – the Certified Business Continuity Professional. It’s a qualification originating from DRI International and it tackles the tricky question of certifying practical experience. This makes it of interest to, among others, professionals who have already applied their knowledge and skills in the BC industry for good results, and who now merit the recognition that certification like this brings. CBCP qualification uses references to confirm the performance of a professional in selected domains pertaining to business continuity management. While there is a exam to be passed as part of the process, what sets the CBCP qualification apart is the condition specifying a minimum of two years practical experience, which must also have been gained within the last ten years.

BC professionals who don’t yet have two years experience have other options for qualification. A number of well thought out certifications exist to encourage professionals to build a strong theoretical base, which they can then apply to gain valuable practical experience. With that experience and by keeping up to date in the field of business continuity management, CBCP is then a natural next level to aim for. CBCP is also reasonably flexible about the number of references, allowing you to put forward two references who can vouch for you across the board, or more than two if you have different references for different BC subject matters.

OpsCentre is running the Business Continuity Planning course with the CBCP exam in Melbourne from 18-22nd July. A Sydney course will be held in Sept and Canberra in November.

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