Canberra Business Continuity Certification – Bringing Public and Private Sectors Together

Attaining the prestige of business continuity certification in Australia is one good reason for attending a course. For many professionals, there’s also another one – mixing with BCP peers and exchanging points of view. The give and take between private and public sectors is a good example. Private industry and service sectors often take their lead from the public sector in terms of which policies and strategies to implement. After all, successfully running a 1.7 trillion dollar economy means due care and planning, especially in terms of business continuity. Likewise, Government gets some of its best ideas from hearing about solutions and best practices from independent enterprises.

The Canberra venue for the BCLE-2000 Business Continuity Planning course reflects this. OpsCentre is running this DRII course in response to the drive for business continuity certification in Australia. The course will be held in Canberra from Monday November 28th to Friday December 2nd. The course runs for 4.5 days and covers the 10 professional practices for BCP professionals and the qualifying exam for CBCP (Certified Business Continuity Professional) qualification. In keeping with the CBCP program, the course is for professionals with a minimum of two years of business continuity experience.

Canberra with its concentration of Federal Government departments is therefore a location with particular potential for exchanges between professionals seeking business continuity certification in Australia. The principles of BCP remain the same in any industry, including risk evaluation, business impact analysis and BC strategy development and planning. Instructors make use of case study material and other selected exercises that will bring out the best of the mix of experience among the course attendees, ensuring the BC planning expertise that is taught and put into practice is balanced and relevant for all.

Full course outline and registration form are available on our DRI Australia Website.