The “Six Degrees” of Business Continuity

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The “six degrees” concept is that you can reach any person in the world using a maximum of six personal relationships in a chain stretching from you to the person you want to reach.

Where is the Truth in Business Continuity Today?

Let’s set some expectations. This blog post won’t give any definitive answer about the question above! On the other hand, this post is prompted by a comparison of recent news items, on the face of it interconnected and yet apparently at odds. Within the space of less than a month one survey found that companies […]

To Share or Not to Share Business Continuity in a Shared Supply Chain

One of the challenges to business continuity planning in 2013 will be the trend to share supply chain facilities between two or more companies. The logic is that to keep logistics and distribution running smoothly but at acceptable cost, the overhead of facilities such as distribution centres or delivery can be shared. It is even […]

Maximum Tolerable Outage(s) for the Supply Chain in 2013

End of year deadlines and festivities mean that maximum tolerable outage is an increasingly hot topic in many sectors. But what will expectations be for the year to come? MTO in itself is a measurement, a tool to be used in delivering business continuity overall. Changes in MTO, whether in terms of level or application, […]