Disaster Recovery as a Service and the New ‘Not Invented Here’ Syndrome

The ‘not invented here’ syndrome was something that forward-looking corporations set out to beat about 20 years ago. If a different product or service could be more cost-effectively bought in rather than being designed and manufactured in-house, then it was bought in. The challenge was to overcome misplaced pride and internal turf wars, where being […]

Disaster Recovery, Horses for Courses and Other Metaphors

Just think how exciting the world of disaster recovery has become. What used to be exclusively tape storage has branched out into all kinds of disk storage, virtual snapshots, deduplication and cloud object storage. That’s great for DR managers, right? Not so fast. One of the central elements of disaster recovery is risk mitigation, which […]

Supply Chain Resilience and Other Great Unknowns

Outer space, the deepest parts of the oceans, the human brain – and perhaps supply chain resilience? A list of great unknowns still yet to be fathomed might include all of these things. Supply chain business continuity features in it because supply chains are fast becoming a (or even the) key competitive differentiator for enterprises […]

Vetting and Monitoring Cloud Providers

Set it and forget it? Not if it’s a cloud computing solution on which your enterprise is relying to accomplish its daily operations. Due diligence in cloud vendor selection and frequent regular testing are both key components of the overall process. Taking a leaf out the banks’ books can be instructive in this context. While […]

Agile Organisations and Business Continuity

‘Agile’ is a common buzzword in organisations today. Intuitively, it fits well with the notion of business continuity – an agile enterprise, able to respond iteratively to whatever today’s business conditions or events throw at it. The old concept of long-term corporate planning is light years behind; many businesses don’t know what will happen in […]

Making Virtualisation in IT an Advantage, not a Risk

The big selling point about virtualisation, at least in disaster recovery terms, is the power it gives to handle single points of IT failure. The idea is to distribute applications the right way over a number of servers; then if one physical machine crashes, another one should be available to ensure that applications can continue […]