Our 2016 Business Continuity Review – From National Resilience to Toasters (and Back)

2016 Business Continuity Review

It’s always an editorial dilemma – Do we start with the event with the biggest business continuity impact? The event that was the most unbelievable? For the 2016 Business Continuity Review, we have some difficult choices, including the massive cyberattack of the toasters, the most powerful man in the world (soon) trying to carve up the Internet, and a smartphone threatening the health of a national economy.

Resilience and TICTF (Too Interconnected to Fail)

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Remember the economic meltdown (almost) of eight years ago? Two buzzwords came to the fore at that time. One was “systemic risk”, the risk that applies to an entire sector or domain; in this case, the global economy.

When the Resilience of the Web Comes Back to Haunt You

The Internet is truly a work of genius. From the original DARPA brainwave about a network that would reroute around failure to the social media that have brought billions of people together, the Internet is a wonder of the world as much as the Egyptian pyramids and the Taj Mahal. It is a fascinating thought […]

Smart Power, Cheap Power… Safe Power? Smart Grids and Resilience

They say that information drives business. Actually, it’s electricity. Your data will most likely be useless if you have no power. On the other hand, if you can turn the lights on, you can start working, one way or another. But now in a kind of millennial Mobius loop, information is also increasingly driving power […]