Why Stop at Just Disaster Recovery with Your DRP?

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Do more with less. Who hasn’t already heard that in business? And just because something – like disaster recovery planning and management – is vital to ensuring enterprise survival does not mean that you cannot leverage your investment to get more out of it.

Time to Get Your Disaster Recovery Plan Straight?

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Time is money, as they say, and it is also a key factor in IT disaster recovery. Take, for instance, the well-known recovery time objective or RTO, which defines how fast you should get back to normal operations after an IT incident.

Business Continuity Planning – More Than Just Disaster Recovery

The disasters in Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia have put BCP into sharp focus. In this article, Allan Davies provides advice he gleaned the hard way from working through numerous disasters, and suggests that CIO’s need to think in broader terms than just IT disaster recovery. He outlines nine valuable lessons that should be incorporated […]

Business Continuity Planning for Small to Medium Enterprise

Consider the scenario of losing your primary premises due to fire. Can you answer these questions? – How much revenue would you lose being out of action for a day, a week or a month? – Have you got an alternate location to operate your business from? – Is your data regularly sent off site […]