Business Continuity Planning for Small to Medium Enterprise

Consider the scenario of losing your primary premises due to fire. Can you answer these questions?

– How much revenue would you lose being out of action for a day, a week or a month?
– Have you got an alternate location to operate your business from?
– Is your data regularly sent off site and ready to be restored into backup systems?
– What are your critical paper records and how do you continue to operate if they were destroyed?

Every business, regardless of its size, should be confident in the answers to these questions and should be making an informed choice about the cost of implementing business continuity strategies and IT disaster recovery solutions versus the riskcost of not doing anything.

Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) often don’t have the budget or resources to spend months implementing a business continuity project. But SME’s still have a need for BCP, just as much as bigger organisations. Quite often all of the physical resources, especially IT equipment are concentrated in the one location which can increase the risk. Sometimes without dedicated IT staff, the backup and restoration practices may not be sufficient to help them recover from a loss of premises type incident.

At OpsCentre we’ve refined the art of the ‘Quick Start’ BCP and can deliver a business continuity plan for suitable small to medium enterprises within 1-2 weeks. If your organization needs assistance with getting a business continuity plan in place we can help. Contact us and let us know what you need.