OpsCentre is Partnering with Sterling to Support Business Resilience in Australia

Staying in compliance with Australia’s background screening regulatory requirements can be challenging. To help businesses navigate the evolving regulatory landscape,  OpsCentre and Sterling, a provider of background and identity services, are partnering to provide businesses with solutions to help enable compliance with Australia’s hiring and screening laws. 

The Australian government has taken steps to uplift its cyber security resilience through its legislative amendments to the Security of Critical Infrastructure Act (SOCI Act), which introduces a new cyber security framework to protect its critical infrastructure assets.  

Our partnership will focus on enabling the necessary risk management framework, with the associated background screening requirements, to establish a Critical Infrastructure Risk Management Program (CIRMP), and to do so by the August 18th, 2024 deadline. 

Rod Crowder, CEO of OpsCentre, said “We’re excited to formalise the partnership between Sterling and OpsCentre, delivering a powerful combination of Sterling’s world-class employee screening services and OpsCentre’s critical infrastructure risk management and incident response services. We look forward to working together with Sterling to help our clients navigate and comply with the latest Security of Critical Infrastructure (SOCI) legislation here in Australia, whilst also strengthening their risk and resilience response capabilities”.    

Steve Smith, President of International at Sterling, commented that “Australia is seeing a period of active legislative change, and this partnership will help to make sure our Australian clients are aware of the changes and stay ahead of their legal requirements. With trust and safety at the heart of everything we do, we are excited about this opportunity to work with OpsCentre to continue to delivering business solutions to Australia based employers.”  Learn more about Sterling and their range of services in Australia here

About OpsCentre

OpsCentre is a boutique consultancy and managed service provider specialising in Risk Management, Business Continuity, IT Disaster Recovery and Cyber Incident Management solutions.  ​ Established 24 years ago, OpsCentre has completed over 450 business resilience projects for over 150 clients across numerous critical infrastructure industries including telecommunications, power utilities, renewables, TV and online media, healthcare, higher education, transport, and local government. OpsCentre’s solutions are delivered in line with public and private sector regulatory and compliance requirements and are aligned to local and international incident response and business resilience standards.

About Sterling

Sterling (NASDAQ: STER) — a leading provider of background and identity services — offers background and identity verification to help over 50,000 clients create people-first cultures built on a foundation of trust and safety. Sterling’s tech-enabled services help organizations across all industries establish great environments for their workers, partners, and customers. With operations around the world, Sterling conducted more than 110 million searches in the twelve months ending December 31, 2023. Visit Sterling at www.sterlingcheck.com.au.

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