OpsCentre is Partnering with Sterling to Support Business Resilience in Australia

Staying in compliance with Australia’s background screening regulatory requirements can be challenging. To help businesses navigate the evolving regulatory landscape,  OpsCentre and Sterling, a provider of background and identity services, are partnering to provide businesses with solutions to help enable compliance with Australia’s hiring and screening laws.  The Australian government has taken steps to uplift its […]

Why Cyber Resilience is not Cyber Security

In today’s digital landscape, protecting sensitive information and safeguarding against cyber threats has become a top priority for organisations. Two concepts that often come up in this context are cyber resilience and cyber security. While related, there are distinct differences between the two disciplines and also to business continuity planning. This post outlines the intricacies […]

Our 2016 Business Continuity Review – From National Resilience to Toasters (and Back)

2016 Business Continuity Review

It’s always an editorial dilemma – Do we start with the event with the biggest business continuity impact? The event that was the most unbelievable? For the 2016 Business Continuity Review, we have some difficult choices, including the massive cyberattack of the toasters, the most powerful man in the world (soon) trying to carve up the Internet, and a smartphone threatening the health of a national economy.

Resilience and TICTF (Too Interconnected to Fail)

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Remember the economic meltdown (almost) of eight years ago? Two buzzwords came to the fore at that time. One was “systemic risk”, the risk that applies to an entire sector or domain; in this case, the global economy.

Get Your Own Local Resilience Forum

Local Resilience Forum

A Local Resilience Forum? Should you have one? Also referred to for short as an LRF, the idea is to bring together different respondents in a local area in order to guarantee cooperation