Business Continuity – Is your business ‘Recovery Ready’?

Do you know the answers to these questions for your organisation?

1. How would we continue to function in an extended building evacuation such as a power outage or flood in the basement?

2. Who are our most critical customers and how would we contact them?

3. What is our current IT Disaster Recovery capability? How long would it take to restore our most critical systems, applications and data?

4. Do we outsource critical business functions to third party organisations services? What if they were to fail.

5. Do our staff know how to get out of our building safely, where to go, and how do we account for them?

6. In the event of a disaster, would we need to implement manual workarounds to cater for reduced staff numbers, loss of IT systems, or denial of access to our building?

OpsCentre recommends undertaking a Readiness Assessment to identify where you are exposed and the possible impacts.  If you would like assistance with evaluating the health of your business continuity program, we would be happy to assist. Don’t forget we are offering a complimentary initial consultation from which you will receive an ‘actionable’ health check report.

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