You need to be ready. You can’t afford to play games with your business continuity.

Clear thinking, expert knowledge and a hands-on, practical approach

These elements are at the heart of sound business continuity management. They underpin the business impact analysis that is crucial to your enterprise. They guarantee the design of an effective business continuity plan.

Trust OpsCentre to provide you with the business continuity resources and expertise and the results you need.

Business Continuity Management Will Help Your Return on Investment

And that’s not all. We also work to identify additional opportunities for you. With OpsCentre, your business continuity becomes an investment, not a cost.

Besides giving you peace of mind, robust business continuity management leads to returns in positive synergies and cost reductions.

Proven compliance becomes a competitive strength. Together, they can help your enterprise become more attractive to customers and more profitable.

Services to Fit Your Needs, Precisely

OpsCentre is always at the forefront of advances in methods, processes and technology. We provide practical business continuity assistance to the level you require.

  • Health Check – Brings your business continuity in line with current best practices
  • Quick Start – Fast, fixed price business continuity planning, ideal for small to medium enterprises
  • Consulting – For enterprises with unique needs in any part of the business continuity lifecycle
  • Testing & Exercising – To find and fix any flaws in existing business continuity plans
  • Mentoring – Guidance and knowledge transfer from us to your business continuity managers
  • Managed Service – A virtual business continuity manager for your BC plans, tests and training

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