Time to Put Up Your Defences

The world is a dangerous place and a simple firewall just won’t cut it when it comes to this generations highly advanced weaponry, the weapon of knowledge, the knowledge you have turned against you. Warfare is no longer only on the battlefield but on the Internet where anyone with some knowledge of hacking becomes a threat to the existence of your company. With the power to infiltrate and steal sensitive data, it’s time for us to take a stand, time for us to put up our defences and prevent further intrusions from occurring.

Best practices to implement organisation wide:

  1. Executive Awareness
    • Treat cyber security as a board level risk
    • Build security into the culture of the organisation, driven from the top
    • Identify key information assets and the likely business impact if they were to be compromised
    • Thoroughly understand the current security and risk posture with regard to cyber threats
    • Plan to respond quickly and efficiently to potential incidents
  1. Cyber Incident Response
    • Incident management conducted by experienced individuals
    • Complete technical analysis capability including host based analysis, network investigation and malware reverse engineering
    • Supported by the largest security consulting team worldwide
  1. Cyber Security Assessment
    • High level comparison of your critical controls against industry best practice
    • Includes both technical defences and internal policies/procedures
    • Blended delivery by risk management and technical consultants
  1. Network Threat Monitoring
    • Intrusion detection using best-in-class rulesets and NCC Group threat intelligence
    • Full packet capture enabling detailed analysis of events
    • Dedicated support from expert investigators
    • NCC Group engineering, combining industry leading technology with internal research and development
  1. Digital Forensics
    • Consultants hold qualifications from recognised bodies
    • Full chain of custody can be maintained where required