Risk Management and Proactively Dealing with Threats

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What’s the difference between a risk, a threat, and a vulnerability? This is worth knowing, because if you can spot the risks in your enterprise and mitigate or eliminate them, you might not have to worry about associated threats.

IT Security and Strange Mobile App Permissions


If you have already installed mobile apps on your smartphone to go beyond the stock selection provided with the device, you may well have noticed how a mobile app asks for permission to access certain resources or take certain actions.

IT Security and the Worry About WordPress

Wordpress security

As free and freely available software that has helped millions of individuals and enterprises easily establish a presence on the web, WordPress has a reputation for being well-designed and reliable.

How Well Does Your Company Password Policy Perform?

If you haven’t seen it, you’ve probably heard about it: the sticky note on the computer screen with the account login and password for all to see. While this archetypally bad behaviour has security officers recoiling in horror, there are also other less obvious forms of password vulnerability that affect many organisations. Fundamental problems that […]