The Cloud Experience

For many years we’ve been hyped with the cloud generation of computing with the likes of giants such as Amazon, Microsoft, VMware and Oracle to name a few in the ring. But moving entirely to the cloud has some considerations to take into account and a Cloud Risk Assessment is to be conducted to analyse […]

Getting BC In Through The Virtualisation Back Door

Sometimes you have to be pragmatic. While it would be great to have the business case for business continuity generally agreed in an organisation, it’s not always that simple. So if there’s an opportunity for business continuity to get into a business on the coattails of some other project, it may merit consideration.

Virtualisation and Disaster Recovery

Virtualisation may not have all the answers when it comes to disaster recovery, but it can do things that basic tape or online back-ups cannot. It makes it easier to accomplish the three mandatory parts of a successful recovery: restoration of the data, the application using the data and the operating system required to make […]