Why Server Virtualisation Is Not a Disaster Recovery Plan

It’s funny how some myths continue to be believed, even by hard-nosed business people. The notion that virtualisation will save a company’s data is such a myth. Although it can be valuable in optimising an organisation’s use of IT resources and reacting quickly to changing IT needs, virtual environments are not inherently safer than independent […]

Virtualise All You Want but Business Continuity Must Still Be End-to-End

It started with IT server virtualisation and then continued with cloud computing. Instead of physical machines running a company’s own software applications, we now simply have interfaces to virtual instances of these things. Computing resources are no longer located in a specific piece of equipment on a company’s premises. They are ‘somewhere’ in the cluster […]

Making Virtualisation in IT an Advantage, not a Risk

The big selling point about virtualisation, at least in disaster recovery terms, is the power it gives to handle single points of IT failure. The idea is to distribute applications the right way over a number of servers; then if one physical machine crashes, another one should be available to ensure that applications can continue […]

IT Security and Business Continuity Through Divide and Conquer Tactics

‘How do you eat an elephant’ is the age-old metaphorical business question. ‘One piece at a time’ is the answer. Big problems can be broken down into smaller ones, which can in turn be broken down again, until you get to a level where you can see your way to solutions. Project management and production […]

Virtualisation at the Heart of a Health Provider’s Disaster Recovery Planning

A recent article on the website ZDNet.com describes how a health provider in Indiana, US, put in place IT virtualisation to manage a number of challenges, including disaster recovery planning. One of the big changes was moving from a situation where a breakdown in a physical server threatened the welfare of hundreds of individuals, to […]

Disaster Recovery can be a “Free” Consequence of Cloud Computing

In the world of disaster recovery, one of the challenges is getting people to approve budget for having the right DR capabilities in place. Unless you are dealing with enlightened senior management, it’s not always easy to get people to sign off for events that may or may not come about, at some indeterminate time […]