Tape Backup Developments – Death-Defying or Simply Better?

Considered by some to be obsolescent, obsolete or virtually flat-lining, tape backup is still around. Even new hard drive technology and solid state storage cannot match the price point per terabyte stored. Now IBM and Fujifilm have pushed the envelope even further with new tape cartridge that can hold 154 terabytes of data. By comparison, […]

Not only is tape back-up still around, but it’s also still beating disk

The classic strength of tape compared to disk is in the relative cheapness, but now there’s more. If you’re thinking in terms of long-term archives, then tape also beats disk, because it has a “shelf life” of 30 years, compared to a “measly” 10 years for disk. After 10 years, disk runs the risk of […]

Offsite Backup Tape Archiving for Disaster Recovery

If tape backup is an essential component of your disaster recovery strategy, then offsite tape archiving will often be as well. One of the classic tape backup risks is leaving the tapes onsite, where any disaster that wipes out your systems will do the same to your tapes. Basic disaster recovery strategy dictates that tapes […]

Validating your data backup plan

Having a plan for data backup as part of your disaster recovery strategy is the right thing to do, but it’s not the end of the story. Too many organisations have planned their data backups, only to find in situations of emergency that the backups were unavailable or insufficient. The reasons can be varied, but […]