Social media – Risks and Productivity Impacts in the Workplace

A few years ago, social media were the bane of many businesses. Seen as a dangerous distraction for employees, some even instructed their IT teams to block access to social networking sites in an effort to recover employee time and productivity. Nowadays however, the tide seems to have turned. Companies look towards social media as […]

4 Trends in Business Continuity Plans for IT and Beyond

With the end of the year looming larger and larger, it’s time for a review of trends that have marked BC in 2012 so far, and that will likely continue to do so into the next year. Four important ones are rooted in information technology: cloud computing, mobile devices in the workforce, social networking and […]

Is Social Networking now part of Business Continuity Plan Best Practice?

Social media like Facebook and Twitter now have a lot in common with mobile phone networks. They are accessible to millions of people and they also stay up and running even if disaster strikes an enterprise and shuts down its corporate IT system. Anything that is that “continuous” merits examination in the light of business […]