Are Chinese Businesses Doing Well Because of or In Spite of the Web Security?

Is there a relationship between the Internet control and censorship policy in China, and the country’s economic success? Chinese Internet censorship has meant that access has been denied to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many others (Wikipedia estimates over 2,600 websites in total). Meanwhile the Chinese economy continues to grow. While the jury is still out […]

Crisis Management and Social Network Resources

Customers are influenced by what they experience, but also by hearing about the experiences of others. In crowded, competitive markets, maintaining positive ‘brand capital’ with customers is an important part of business continuity. Although social networks often have a gradual effect on a company’s activities rather than an immediate one, crisis management is an exception. […]

Social Networks, Business Continuity and the Pyramid of Needs

What do people in your organisation do when there’s news of bush fires approaching or impending floods? Batten down the hatches, check the emergency generators, and perhaps get connected to a social network like Facebook or Twitter? Social networks can sometimes provide a vital connection when other means of communication fail. Available over mobile devices […]