Why the Internet is an Elephant

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Proverbially at least, elephants never forget. Neither does the Internet. Once information is out there, you must assume it will always be out there, and that deleting it at its source may make no difference.

Emergency Management – Getting Ahead of the Social Media Test Curve

Social media is increasingly being looked to as a tool for emergency management. It has a number of attractive characteristics, including cloud-based resiliency and being well-known and understood by a large portion of the public and professionals alike. The problem that many organisations face is in knowing how to prepare their use of social media. […]

Crisis Management and the Growing Role of Social Media

Facebook and Twitter are already used to disseminate information about breakdowns and crises. Public service organisations have begun to use them to as part of their PR strategy for good crisis management.  Now there’s a move to use social networks, Twitter in particular, for communication in the opposite direction. In the UK, the London Fire […]

Social media – Risks and Productivity Impacts in the Workplace

A few years ago, social media were the bane of many businesses. Seen as a dangerous distraction for employees, some even instructed their IT teams to block access to social networking sites in an effort to recover employee time and productivity. Nowadays however, the tide seems to have turned. Companies look towards social media as […]

Crisis Management and Social Network Resources

Customers are influenced by what they experience, but also by hearing about the experiences of others. In crowded, competitive markets, maintaining positive ‘brand capital’ with customers is an important part of business continuity. Although social networks often have a gradual effect on a company’s activities rather than an immediate one, crisis management is an exception. […]