Is Seven the Magic Number for IT Security?

The number seven crops up in many contexts: the Seven Wonders of the World, the seven dwarfs, and now the seven levels of cyber security. Let’s start with the different levels of threats posed by hackers. In order of increasing severity, we have: script kiddies (hacking for fun); the hacking group (often the first level […]

How SMBs Can Consolidate Their Business Continuity Strategy

‘I keep it all in my head’. Or ‘How likely is it that an event occurs that stops my business from operating?’ These are frequently the reactions of small business owners to the idea they should pay more attention to business continuity and disaster recovery. While business continuity often occupies an increasingly large part of […]

IT Security for Small Businesses – Are You Listening?

Hacking of the IT resources of small and medium businesses is on the increase. The age-old excuse of ‘We have nothing worth hacking’ is no longer valid, although this doesn’t always register with SMBs. Hackers see small businesses as targets of interest for several reasons. Firstly, SMBs are vulnerable. Their security is weak, because of […]