Time to Get Your Disaster Recovery Plan Straight?

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Time is money, as they say, and it is also a key factor in IT disaster recovery. Take, for instance, the well-known recovery time objective or RTO, which defines how fast you should get back to normal operations after an IT incident.

MTO and RTO inside and outside disaster recovery

MTO and RTO are integral parts of disaster recovery planning, but they can also be used outside of that context. To recap on their definitions, MTO (Maximum Tolerable Outage) is the maximum amount of time that a process or facility can be unavailable before significant disruption and/or financial loss occurs to an organisation. RTO (Recovery […]

MTO and RTO in a Cloud Backup Context

A couple of interesting cases came up recently about differences in cloud backup services, and the effect that this might have on MTO and RTO. As a reminder, maximum tolerable outage (MTO) is the maximum time you or your organisation can afford to be without a given system or resource; recovery time objective (RTO) is […]