Resilience and TICTF (Too Interconnected to Fail)

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Remember the economic meltdown (almost) of eight years ago? Two buzzwords came to the fore at that time. One was “systemic risk”, the risk that applies to an entire sector or domain; in this case, the global economy.

Ebola and the Ramifications of Pandemics You Should Consider

Efforts continue in order to stop the spread of the Ebola outbreak and find vaccines to defeat the virus. However, businesses need to be prepared in more ways than one. Although the risk is considered low that a widespread Ebola infection would occur outside West African countries, the potential consequences could be catastrophic and deadly. […]

Social media – Risks and Productivity Impacts in the Workplace

A few years ago, social media were the bane of many businesses. Seen as a dangerous distraction for employees, some even instructed their IT teams to block access to social networking sites in an effort to recover employee time and productivity. Nowadays however, the tide seems to have turned. Companies look towards social media as […]

The Challenge of Distributed Detail in Business Continuity Planning

Much of the difficulty of effective business continuity planning lies in the fact that you need to make detailed plans for things not to happen, rather than just for things to happen. This means the strength of mind necessary for delving into the detail of scenarios that may never come up and simulating situations that […]