Have You Met the Recovery Consistency Objective?

Which disaster recovery measurements do you really need? The answer is the ones that are effective in helping you to plan and execute good DR. So your choice will naturally depend on your IT operations. The two ‘classics’ of the recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) are so fundamental that they apply […]

What's your maximum tolerable outage?

If the air conditioning breaks down in a hospital administration department in the height of summer, productivity starts to drop as the temperature rises. It becomes harder to stay focused on the task at hand, people get crabbier on the telephone with patients and suppliers and the “go the extra mile” motivation your organisation normally […]

Business Continuity Terminology – What’s the difference between MTO, RTO and RPO?

A common query that we come across in business continuity consulting is, ‘what is the difference between MTO, RTO and RPO?’ MTO is the Maximum Tolerable Outage The Maximum Tolerable Outage for a critical business process represents the maximum amount of time that an organization can survive without the business process in any form (manual or automated). […]