Our 2016 Business Continuity Review – From National Resilience to Toasters (and Back)

2016 Business Continuity Review

It’s always an editorial dilemma – Do we start with the event with the biggest business continuity impact? The event that was the most unbelievable? For the 2016 Business Continuity Review, we have some difficult choices, including the massive cyberattack of the toasters, the most powerful man in the world (soon) trying to carve up the Internet, and a smartphone threatening the health of a national economy.

When the Best Response to a Pandemic is… Don’t!

The Ebola crisis, also a pandemic because of cases in different countries, has hit the nation of Sierra Leone the hardest. National and international health teams have worked round the clock to contain the disease and prevent new outbreaks. Pharmaceuticals companies have ramped up efforts to develop new vaccines. Sierra Leone counts almost 12,000 people […]

When Business Continuity Means Not Coming to Work

Do you remember those problems in school calculus about the multiplication of bacteria? Throw in a little network effect and you can start to build a crude but realistic model of how illnesses like influenza are propagated throughout an organisation. One person carrying flu germs and coming into contact with other people in an enterprise […]

Pandemics and Business Continuity Plans

Pandemics are good material for Hollywood disaster films. They also feature in various disaster recovery planning documents issued by governments as advice, or by private sector organisations as disaster recovery plans. In true Hollywood style, projected pandemics are often almost too big to be believable. That makes them great subjects of conversation at the coffee […]

Does your Business Continuity Plan rely on teleworking?

CSO Online article highlights the results from a recent Telework Exchange research report, finding organization’s expect staff to work from home in a pandemic but do not provide adequate resources for them to be able to do this. Full article at CSO Online http://www.csoonline.com/article/510552/Lack_of_Telework_Preparedness_Puts_Business_Continuity_in_Danger_ The teleworking provisions in your Business Continuity Plans must be included […]