Ebola and the Ramifications of Pandemics You Should Consider

Efforts continue in order to stop the spread of the Ebola outbreak and find vaccines to defeat the virus. However, businesses need to be prepared in more ways than one. Although the risk is considered low that a widespread Ebola infection would occur outside West African countries, the potential consequences could be catastrophic and deadly. […]

Current Australian Preparedness against Ebola

As efforts to contain and eliminate the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa continue, countries around the world are making preparations to be ready in case the virus arrives. The Australian government is also making plans to deal with such an event. Ebola already exists in Australia – but fortunately (so far) only as the […]

Ebola Outbreak – What Should You Know About It?

With the deaths of more than 4,000 people and an estimated 8,000 cases (at this time), the Ebola epidemic has affected three West African countries in particular. But Ebola could also spread to become a pandemic without geographical limitation. There are three key questions to be answered:

Keep Your Pandemic Plan Updated in Case of MERS

Is another pandemic on the way? The generic coronavirus is common everywhere, but this one – Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus, or MERS-CoV – is a particularly virulent strain. It’s also on the move. The World Health Organization published information on May 1st about serious infection of a hospital patient in Egypt who had returned […]

OpsCentre offers Recession Buster ‘Quick Start’ Business Continuity Planning

This program is ideal for the small to medium enterprise.  It is a fixed fee, fixed scope project that provides a complete solution in the fastest possible timeframe. It can usually be completed within a 1-2 week period. We utilize our consulting experience and best-practice materials to adapt a business continuity strategy to suit your […]