Ethics and Your IT Sourcing Strategy

Ethics IT

IT servers, enterprise applications, data centres and cloud services might seem world away from other sectors traditionally attracting attention in terms of a ethical sourcing strategy.

IT Risk Management and Technical Debt

Technical Debt

When you shove things higgledy-piggledy into your desk drawer, just to clear space in your workspace, you have a quick solution, you also have a dirty solution, because trying to find the key to your filing cabinet will take you ages afterwards, and Yes, you’ve just experienced technical debt, first hand!

Outsourcing: Good Contracts are Only the Starting Point

Stick to core competence and competitive advantage, and outsource the rest: such has been the mantra of businesses for decades now. The logic is simple. By using external partners specialised in the non-core activities, for example, accounting, logistics and pay, an enterprise can benefit from that partner’s economies of scale and superior expertise. Profits go […]