What’s the Bill for Repairs after Recent Natural Australasian Disasters?

The Global Catastrophe Recap for April 2013 from reinsurance company Aon Benfield gives a region by region breakdown of recent damages and costs after different natural disasters. The Impact Forecasting organisation, part of Aon Benfield, uses data on disasters to build models of catastrophes to better understand the risks. This helps customers better understand the […]

Maximum Tolerable Outage by Whose Criteria?

Maximum tolerable outage means what it says – the longest time that an organisation can accept that a given service or facility is out of operation. Many enterprises and institutions go to great lengths to predict and calculate MTO, usually because of what’s at stake. Hospitals for example cannot accept IT outages that disrupt critical […]

A government disaster recovery plan with long term visions

How far would you expect a disaster recovery plan to extend into the aftermath of a disaster? Days? Weeks? Months? Years…? The Queensland Natural Disasters Jobs and Skills Package from the state of the same name in Australia shows how government perspectives on a situation can be different to individual enterprises, especially in terms of […]

Does a Business Case for Business Continuity Change after Disaster?

It’s been a year since the natural earthquake and tsunami disasters struck Japan, wrecking many high-tech factories on the country’s north-eastern coast. The Sony Sendai Technology Centre was one of those factories and suffered like the others. Managers and employees struggled to save what they could to restart operations as rapidly as possible. Sony top […]