IT Security and the Worry About WordPress

Wordpress security

As free and freely available software that has helped millions of individuals and enterprises easily establish a presence on the web, WordPress has a reputation for being well-designed and reliable.

Will Buggy Releases Triumph Over Smart Mobile Architectures?

Smart Mobile Architecture

Smart mobile has so far been largely a consumer-driven market. That has been good news for the business sector. It has reaped the benefits of the technological advances and better user experiences, with which vendors have sought to woo Jane and Joe Public.

4 Trends in Business Continuity Plans for IT and Beyond

With the end of the year looming larger and larger, it’s time for a review of trends that have marked BC in 2012 so far, and that will likely continue to do so into the next year. Four important ones are rooted in information technology: cloud computing, mobile devices in the workforce, social networking and […]