Is IT Getting in the Way of Business Continuity?

IT Strategy 2

In theory, IT should be a boon for business continuity. Speed, reliability, automation, efficiency, productivity, all these things are positive effects available by moving to a digital environment driven by information technology.

A Theorem for IT Disaster Recovery – But With Practical Application

If you look through the literature on disaster recovery, you’ll probably see that practical ideas, recommendations and methods abound – but that theory is in rather shorter supply. This makes sense in that all those IT systems and networks are running now – so if they break, you’ll want some good ‘cookbooks’ or ‘how-to’s’ for […]

4 Trends in Business Continuity Plans for IT and Beyond

With the end of the year looming larger and larger, it’s time for a review of trends that have marked BC in 2012 so far, and that will likely continue to do so into the next year. Four important ones are rooted in information technology: cloud computing, mobile devices in the workforce, social networking and […]

Which Business Continuity Plan Best Practice can deal with BYOD?

Now that people in many organisations expect to be able to use their own mobile computing devices at work, it may be time to update business continuity plan best practices. At the moment, the BYOD (Bring Your own Device) challenge seems to have caught enterprises on the hop. Managing the use of tablets and smartphones […]

Is Stale Data Hoarding Really Part Of Business Continuity Good Practice Guidelines?

Companies today are often so focused on the secure storage of data that they miss the point about which data is really worth storing. A recent article by a Storage Networking Industry Association member made the point that “stale data backup” afflicts many organisations. It’s a problem that is as much cultural as technological. In […]