Virus Protection – Think of it like Car Insurance

If you’ve never dinged your car (other than brushing bumpers while you’re parking), you may not appreciate how good it can be to have adequate car insurance. Likewise, if you have been spared the pain of a PC that slows down or dies because of a virus, software for protection against viruses may seem more […]

Disaster Recovery – How Would You Like to (Not) Pay for That?

Usage-based payment systems are becoming increasingly common, but a recent variation in disaster recovery has an interesting twist. A new pricing model from a company called Asigra is based not on how much data an organisation backs up, but how much it restores. In particular, a ‘recovery performance score’ determines the amount of money a […]

On the Trail of the Business Continuity Calculator

Business continuity? Sure, but how much will we earn from it – or at least, how much will we save? Business continuity managers often appear to be destined to an eternal quest for hard data on the return on investment for their activity. The situation is complicated by the fact that business continuity is almost […]

“Location, Location, Location”, OK but where’s the Business Continuity?

In the property business, the three most important things are (so they say) location, location and location. You can hear the wisdom of the ages in those words when it comes to buying, selling and renting – as long as the estate agent’s systems are in working order. And that according to a survey recently […]