IT Security and the Worry About WordPress

Wordpress security

As free and freely available software that has helped millions of individuals and enterprises easily establish a presence on the web, WordPress has a reputation for being well-designed and reliable.

Why BYOD Isn’t All Enterprise Security Gloom

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The economic arguments for bring your own device (BYOD) working are multiple. The first one is that if employees fund their own terminals (smartphones, tablets, portables), their employer does not have to.

Organisations in Europe Are Making Risk Management a Priority

Research into leadership in risk management in Europe indicates that it is gradually becoming a board-level item and an integral part of organisational strategy. While banks for example have embedded it into their operations since their inception, in other sectors the importance of risk management has taken longer to come to the fore. Common categories […]

What’s in a name? (as in Business Continuity)

Is the term “business continuity” appropriate? It applies to a wider sector than the “business” part of the name suggests. As well as profit-driven, private sector enterprises, many public sector organisations also have BCM in place. Still, the public sector can be just as “business-like” in pursuing its goals as the private one. On the […]