Disaster Recovery as a Service and the New ‘Not Invented Here’ Syndrome

The ‘not invented here’ syndrome was something that forward-looking corporations set out to beat about 20 years ago. If a different product or service could be more cost-effectively bought in rather than being designed and manufactured in-house, then it was bought in. The challenge was to overcome misplaced pride and internal turf wars, where being […]

Eight Security Questions to Ask a Cloud Vendor Before You Sign Up

Cloud services whether PaaS (platform), SaaS (software), DraaS (disaster recovery) or another ‘as a service’ option are part of the business landscape now. However, in the vast majority of cases, using them means that your data is stored outside your organisation. No matter what the cloud vendor’s reputation, security must be evaluated, confirmed and applied. […]

Disaster Recovery – How Would You Like to (Not) Pay for That?

Usage-based payment systems are becoming increasingly common, but a recent variation in disaster recovery has an interesting twist. A new pricing model from a company called Asigra is based not on how much data an organisation backs up, but how much it restores. In particular, a ‘recovery performance score’ determines the amount of money a […]

Cloud Disaster Recovery, OK, but what if the Cloud IS the Disaster?

Disaster recovery via cloud computing is a hot topic nowadays. Inexpensive compared to traditional hot standby solutions and with greater flexibility, by definition cloud data backup is independent of local or even regional incidents. In theory, cloud data restore should be just as independent. The problem however comes when a cloud provider fails to provide […]