When a Government Deliberately Stores Data Outside the Country

As cloud computing develops and providers multiply their data centres, physical location of data has become an important issue for many organisations. Their goal has often been to prevent storage of confidential data outside their national boundaries. The risk of a data breach is considered to be too great, especially in the wake of the […]

Why Server Virtualisation Is Not a Disaster Recovery Plan

It’s funny how some myths continue to be believed, even by hard-nosed business people. The notion that virtualisation will save a company’s data is such a myth. Although it can be valuable in optimising an organisation’s use of IT resources and reacting quickly to changing IT needs, virtual environments are not inherently safer than independent […]

Five Strategies to Prevent a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are becoming a trending and serious issue when it comes to Cyber Security across many industries in particular the banking and financial sectors. In a DDoS attack Botnets (usually referred to as a “Zombie army”) bombards a server or a network with thousands of system requests sent from infected […]

If Bigger Australian States have DISPLANs, What do Smaller States Have?

If search engine results are anything to go by, state-wide disaster plans are common currency for the largest Australian states in terms of population (New South Wales and Victoria), but not so much in evidence for others. NSW even goes one better with not just a DISPLAN, but also an EMPLAN – Emergency Plan (the […]

What Sort of Cloud Best Suits Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

It had to happen. Just having “the Cloud” was too simple. In the same way that the Internet morphed into intranets, extranets and more, cloud computing is now branching out into internal, external, inter-, public and private clouds. Vendors and service providers alike have seen the opportunity to leverage existing solutions and create their own […]

Why Earthquake Intensity can Affect Any Disaster Recovery Plan

If you think your organisation is in an earthquake-free zone, you may be right – up to a point. From a purely local point of view, your site may never have experienced the slightest tremor or be likely to. On the other hand, you may also be using suppliers for raw materials or components that […]