If Bigger Australian States have DISPLANs, What do Smaller States Have?

If search engine results are anything to go by, state-wide disaster plans are common currency for the largest Australian states in terms of population (New South Wales and Victoria), but not so much in evidence for others. NSW even goes one better with not just a DISPLAN, but also an EMPLAN – Emergency Plan (the […]

ISO 22301 Societal Security for Business Continuity Management is coming

New standards for business continuity management take a while to define, vote and promulgate, so a schedule that has changed slightly for ISO 22301 in the course of its development isn’t necessarily a problem. What was originally planned as a Q1 release of the standard now appears to be scheduled for May, although by this […]

Business Continuity Plan Best Practice and BCP Standards

Do standards really contribute to business continuity plan best practice? The obvious answer is “yes, of course they do”, and in many cases this is true. However, it is also constructive to dig a little deeper to find out why or how BCP standards can help. For one thing, this means less risk of clinging […]

Be ready for everything and anything

Being ready for everything and anything is important. One of the problems we consistently come across is businesses facing major delays because they do not have a best practice approach to business continuity management. Increasing, many have poorly devised methodologies, lack value in their data quality management, are unable to meet deadlines and have poorly […]