How SMBs Can Consolidate Their Business Continuity Strategy

‘I keep it all in my head’. Or ‘How likely is it that an event occurs that stops my business from operating?’ These are frequently the reactions of small business owners to the idea they should pay more attention to business continuity and disaster recovery. While business continuity often occupies an increasingly large part of […]

How Technology Smooths the Way for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

While good planning and processes are at the heart of business continuity and disaster recovery, technology can accelerate the benefits as well. We live in an age of cloud computing and smartphones. Both can be used to help an organisation get back on its feet after incidents, or simply ride them out without severe or […]

MTO and RTO in a Cloud Backup Context

A couple of interesting cases came up recently about differences in cloud backup services, and the effect that this might have on MTO and RTO. As a reminder, maximum tolerable outage (MTO) is the maximum time you or your organisation can afford to be without a given system or resource; recovery time objective (RTO) is […]