Business Continuity and Why the New Age Still Needs the Old

What words spring to mind to describe the business world today – remote control, automation, speed, renewal? These concepts can all help with business continuity and competitiveness, but so can their ‘yesteryear’ counterparts. Although new technology lets organisations improve different areas of operations, it doesn’t mean that it is a panacea to be applied universally […]

Virus Protection – Think of it like Car Insurance

If you’ve never dinged your car (other than brushing bumpers while you’re parking), you may not appreciate how good it can be to have adequate car insurance. Likewise, if you have been spared the pain of a PC that slows down or dies because of a virus, software for protection against viruses may seem more […]

Spot Your BYOD Challenge for Business Continuity

BYOD, or ‘Bring Your Own Device’, is spreading through the business world. Initially a user-driven phenomenon, some organisations now even want to stop supplying computing devices to employees that have them anyway. But once computing and data for computing for the organisation are no longer controlled by the organisation, the question of business continuity comes […]

Don’t Abdicate Your Disaster Recovery Just because your Employees are Doing It

In today’s world of cloud and BYOD (bring your own device) computing, disaster recovery sometimes almost seems to be organising itself. Employees can copy all sorts of data to mobile phones, tablets and personal web storage, including customer lists, proposal templates, financial spread-sheets and more. It would take at least a double disaster – for […]

Which Business Continuity Plan Best Practice can deal with BYOD?

Now that people in many organisations expect to be able to use their own mobile computing devices at work, it may be time to update business continuity plan best practices. At the moment, the BYOD (Bring Your own Device) challenge seems to have caught enterprises on the hop. Managing the use of tablets and smartphones […]