Adaptive BC – The New ABC of Keeping Things Running?

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Every so often it’s good to shake things up. Sometimes the simple act of asking questions about what we do in business continuity and why we do it can give us a fresh point of view and point out areas for improvement.

Physicians, Heal Thy Business Continuity Thyself

Like the cobbler’s children who are the least well shod, it seems that organisations whose whole business is in emergencies are not necessarily well-prepared for business continuity. In particular, hospitals have come under scrutiny in recent years because of an apparent lack of integration of risk management practices. Approaches have sometimes stopped short of the […]

Isn’t my Insurance the Only Business Continuity Plan I need?

Is it or isn’t it? The first thing to understand is what really is covered by your insurance and how such insurance would be applied as part of your disaster recovery or business continuity plan. The mistake made by organisations, and small businesses in particular, is in assuming that their insurance covers everything. Insurance policies […]

Business Continuity and Common Risks for Small Businesses

What makes small businesses different to bigger ones when it comes to business continuity? Common risks for small businesses are linked to their operations being confined to one specific sector and one geographical location. They don’t have the possibilities of mitigation available to larger, more diverse, distributed companies. Disaster can strike all of their resources […]