Automation and Business Continuity Plan Best Practice

When you’ve implemented business continuity plan best practices in your organisation, the next logical step is to automate them. The assumption is of course that you really do have best practices in place; otherwise automation will simply help you to be wrong more efficiently. In addition, BCM automation has a way of unexpectedly bringing things […]

Business Continuity Plan App

In this age of connectedness, welcome to the business continuity plan app. While an “app” can refer to any software that runs on a desktop or notebook computer, a tablet or a smartphone, it’s the smartphone app in particular that concerns us here. Although the devices listed above use different operating systems, Internet technology sometimes […]

Smartphone APP for Business Continuity Plan

Making the most of the compactness, computing power and ease of use of smartphones, OpsCentre now has a new smartphone app for business continuity plans. Named MIRA for “Mobile Incident Response Application”, the app makes the most of the features on smartphones that are absent in other computing platforms. Paper-based or even PC-based systems, which […]

Have you outgrown your paper-based business continuity and disaster recovery plans?

Your organisation has changed and you are finding that the current “paper-based” planning methodology no longer is fit for purpose.  If you recognise any of the following items familiar, it may be time to invest in a business continuity software planning solution:  1.       Are your plans hard to maintain and have numerous areas for updates? […]

Business Continuity Software Benefits

Many organisations utilise software to create, support, maintain, distribute and test their Business Continuity Plans and ensure business survival in any emergency. Regardless of size, most companies can benefit greatly from the use of Business Continuity software and many options exist for its implementation and plan maintenance strategies. Some of the direct benefits that Business […]