Our 2016 Business Continuity Review – From National Resilience to Toasters (and Back)

2016 Business Continuity Review

It’s always an editorial dilemma – Do we start with the event with the biggest business continuity impact? The event that was the most unbelievable? For the 2016 Business Continuity Review, we have some difficult choices, including the massive cyberattack of the toasters, the most powerful man in the world (soon) trying to carve up the Internet, and a smartphone threatening the health of a national economy.

Keeping Business Continuity Plans Up to Date – Say “Aah”!

It’s kind of like going to the dentist. You might not want to make the appointment, because you don’t know how it might turn out. However, you know down inside that regular care and attention will mean you’ll stay in better shape than if you let things slide. If visits to the dentist annually are […]