Automation and Business Continuity Plan Best Practice

When you’ve implemented business continuity plan best practices in your organisation, the next logical step is to automate them. The assumption is of course that you really do have best practices in place; otherwise automation will simply help you to be wrong more efficiently. In addition, BCM automation has a way of unexpectedly bringing things […]

Smartphone Business Continuity Software

Why make smartphone business continuity software? Because the smartphone is an easy-to-use tool that’s growing in use by leaps and bounds – already an estimated 450 million smartphone owners in 2011 among literally billions of mobile phone users – and it fits in your pocket. When that fire alarm goes off, it’s a lot easier […]

Business Continuity Test Scenarios – the Game!

There’s nothing like making something fun to get people involved and interested, and the same applies to business continuity test scenarios. What makes them fun depends. For some, it’s the intellectual challenge of figuring out the right way to test scenarios to cover the right proportion of all the possible outcomes. For others, it’s a […]

The Challenge of Distributed Detail in Business Continuity Planning

Much of the difficulty of effective business continuity planning lies in the fact that you need to make detailed plans for things not to happen, rather than just for things to happen. This means the strength of mind necessary for delving into the detail of scenarios that may never come up and simulating situations that […]

Business Continuity Software Benefits

Many organisations utilise software to create, support, maintain, distribute and test their Business Continuity Plans and ensure business survival in any emergency. Regardless of size, most companies can benefit greatly from the use of Business Continuity software and many options exist for its implementation and plan maintenance strategies. Some of the direct benefits that Business […]