The Business Continuity Manager and the Typewriter

Business Continuity

A well-known IT security solution vendor recently published a white paper about planning for business continuity, and listed typewriters as examples of equipment that should be safeguarded to prevent interruptions to an enterprise’s activities.

The Great Business Continuity Risk-Reward Mix-Up

risk reward

Investors and financial institutions like to correlate business continuity risk with business continuity reward. If risk is greater in an investment, then the potential reward should be greater too.

Is an outdated business continuity plan worse than none at all?

This is a debatable point but possibly acting upon an outdated strategy will be time, money and energy misspent in recovering something that is incorrect or no longer needed. Change is inevitable … A plan can easily get out of date as staff turnover, new business units are created or decommissioned,  IT systems are changed, […]