7 Habits of Highly Effective Business Continuity

1. The Senior Executive actively supports Business Continuity The CEODirectorGeneral Manager that believes in and wants a functional Business Continuity program in place is a critical success factor. To have a senior Executive that is responsible for setting the priorities and vision for the organisation to stand behind BCP and communicate this to the staff is a powerful change […]

Business Continuity Software Benefits

Many organisations utilise software to create, support, maintain, distribute and test their Business Continuity Plans and ensure business survival in any emergency. Regardless of size, most companies can benefit greatly from the use of Business Continuity software and many options exist for its implementation and plan maintenance strategies. Some of the direct benefits that Business […]

Is an outdated business continuity plan worse than none at all?

This is a debatable point but possibly acting upon an outdated strategy will be time, money and energy misspent in recovering something that is incorrect or no longer needed. Change is inevitable … A plan can easily get out of date as staff turnover, new business units are created or decommissioned,  IT systems are changed, […]