Business Continuity Consultant of the Year?

If you follow the CIR magazine’s annual Business Continuity Awards and the one for Business Continuity Consultant of the Year in particular, the following may be familiar to you. The factors considered by the judges include “the use of creative ideas to resolve problems, innovation in the actual techniques used, the instigation of a business […]

Half-Price Business Continuity Plan

“I know someone who can do my business continuity plan for half the price.” The fact is, it’s probably true. In business, there’s always someone ready to offer a solution at a lower price. Some companies make a profit out of being the low cost supplier in a particular market. With economies of scale, they […]

Rightsizing Your Business Continuity Consultant

Of course, what we really mean is rightsizing the services a business continuity consultant can provide. How much or how little an organisation decides to involve an external consultant will depend on the extent of business continuity planning needs, and how that organisation is set up to handle them. Ideally, you’ll leverage the involvement of […]