Travelling at the Speed of IT Security

IT Security 2

Einstein, move over. There is a new universal constant now, one that governs all IT-driven security activity, which by now is almost everything that goes on in the known world.

When You Just Know What the Next Disaster Will Be

From the title of this post, some people might immediately think of intuition: that vague and rather flaky resource used when that’s all you have. However, we’re actually thinking of something a little more structured in this context. In the coming age of Big Data and associated worldwide online resources, analytical techniques like those used […]

The Internet of Things and Big Data – Both Looking for a Killer App

Despite the publicity given to Big Data and (to a lesser extent) the Internet of Things, their practical advantage has yet to be clarified. It’s difficult to think of them in terms of business continuity when they don’t influence the fortunes of an enterprise; unless you count the negative impact of money spent investigating them. […]

Business Continuity Test Scenarios at the Speed of Light?

The more business continuity test scenarios you can run in your IT systems, the closer you can get to a bullet-proof organisation. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you’ll necessarily achieve such a Holy Grail; it might just mean you’ll be a little less further away than when you started. And then there’s all that […]